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Sweden is a playable civilization in the Gods & Kings expansion pack for Civilization V.

Season 2Edit

Sweden was founded by King Rythian in the year 4,000 BC. Founding the capital of Stockholm, Rythian renames it to Malmö. In the year 3,760 BC, a Swedish warrior blocks the path of Duncan's Indian unit, triggering a gradual tension between Sweden and India, and a 5,000 year grudge held by India for Sweden.

After Rythian founds the city of Lund near India, Duncan declares war and proceeds to conquer and take Lund, renaming it to Sack of Balls. Duncan proceeds to attempt to conquer Malmö, to no avail. Malmö survives, sends a settler out into the East and proceeds to grow rapidly in population and eventually builds the Great Wall.

Rythianity was later founded in the holy city of Malmö.

Later in the game, Rythian eventually founds the cities of New Malmö and New New Malmö. When Poland begins to take over other nations, India, Venice, Sweden and the Shoshone unite to protect themselves against this superpower. Seeing his last chance to do so, Duncan sets fire to Malmö, bringing to light his 5,000 year grudge against Sweden. Lewis finally drops a nuclear bomb on New Malmö, setting Rythian's remaining cities on fire and covered in radioactivity.

Swedish Space RaceEdit

Rhythian began a single-player let's play as Sweden on the 4th of August 2014.


  • Malmö (formerly Stockholm)
  • Lund (captured by India, renamed Sack of Balls, captured and razed by Poland)
  • New Malmö
  • New New Malmö


  • In the real world, Notch was born, and still lives in, Sweden.
  • Minecraft was created in Stockholm.

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