TUG, or The Untitled Game, is an open-world, sandbox video game that was successfully kickstarted with $293,184 as well as an additional $1.2 through Credo. It is being developed by Nerd Kingdom and is planned for release on Microsoft Windows for the PC.


  • After the dissolvement of Winterkewl Games and as a result, the financial inability to continue development of Yogventures!, The Yogscast decided to back another kickstarted game similar to what Yogventures was going to be, TUG, by giving all kickstarter backers a complimentary copy of the game.
  • Simon and Lewis did a short 5 part series on the game, explaining the basics. They later returned to the game to show off some of the new features.
  • Sjin and Turps also did a small series on the game, involving their own building challenge.
  • Turps has also done some single player.
  • Will has completed one episode on the game.
  • DaveChaos, Toby, and Martyn completed a series together, including a deathmatch and survival games series.

Episode GuideEdit

Will — TUG
Video Name Table yt
TUG - The Unnamed Game Watch
SoTotallyToby — TUG
Video Name Table yt
TUG - Survival Games Watch
TUG - Survival Games - Multiplayer Watch
Lewis and Simon — TUG
Video Name Table yt
TUG - How To Be A Caveman Watch
TUG - The Ultimate Goat Watch
TUG - Rock God - New Updates! Watch
TUG - Pumpkin God Watch
TUG - Hunting Wild Cats Watch
DaveChaos — TUG
Video Name Table yt
TUG Survival: The Untitled Game /w Martyn & Toby Watch
Turps — TUG
Video Name Table yt
TUG Survival Challenge - Talking Goats #3 Watch
TUG Survival Challenge - Goat Down #4 Watch
TUG Survival Challenge - Sjin Slayer #5 Watch
Martyn — TUG
Video Name Table yt
TUG Deathmatch w/ Toby & Dave (Have A Gander) Watch
Sjin — TUG
Video Name Table yt
Tug Building Challenge #1 - Castle Building Watch
Tug Building Challenge #2 - Turpster: The Game Watch
Tug Building Challenge #3 - Whammy Watch
Tug Building Challenge #4 - Get Me More Cash Watch
TUG Survival Challenge - The Race Begins #1 Watch
TUG Survival Challenge - Buffy The Goat Slayer#2 Watch