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Tekkit Part 38- Pig Plans

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Tekkit #38
Season 1, Episode 38
Honeydewinc lrg
Posted 5 September 2012
Characters Xephos, Honeydew, Sjin, Lalna, Sips
Channel BlueXephos
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Simon, due to sleep deprivision, is concerned about the lack of pigs on Pig Island. After seeing a mysterious "sign" in the sky that no one else could see; a giant glowing "Sips Co."

Simon believes that the pigs won't come back because he's using the wrong dirt, and decides to visit Sips for advice (greatly worrying Lewis by doing so). After going on a ridiculously elaborate minecart ride, Simon goes to Sips Co's office, where Sips and Sjin give him 3 stacks of special Sips Co. dirt and suggest that he builds a giant statue of a pig out of it (well, Sjin suggested getting a well-known pig to move there, while Sips mistranslated the suggestion to Simon).


Tekkit Part 38 - Pig Plans20:56

Tekkit Part 38 - Pig Plans

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