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Tekkit Part 9 - Lighty Stone

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Tekkit #09
Season 1, Episode 09
Honeydewinc lrg
Posted 12 July 2012
Characters Xephos, Honeydew, LividCoffee, Sjin, Sips
Channel BlueXephos
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Tekkit Part 9 - Lighty Stone is the ninth episode of Simon and Lewis' Tekkit series.

Simon, Lewis and Duncan continue to build their Jaffa Cake factory, even though they are having to live off of rotten, human flesh...

The description reads: Today we set ourselves a few challenges to help keep us on track with Simon's delicious Jaffa factory construction!

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Tekkit Part 9 - Lighty Stone13:58

Tekkit Part 9 - Lighty Stone

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