The Bucket Murderer is a character from Sips' Skyrim playthrough.

Identification and practicesEdit

The true identity of the bucket murderer is in fact Princess Leia, who has a habit of placing buckets over the heads of certain victims. Originally, she used them to cover up the death of the victim as an accident, but over time, the citizens of Skyrim realized that these tens of cases of "bucket fall victims" weren't just bad luck. And nowadays, all of Tamriel fears for the wrath of the Bucket Murderer.

The most brilliant part of these crimes is that nobody would ever suspect the fabulous, magnificent, and irresistible lizard-wizard-prostitute Princess Leia to do such a thing, and as of yet, she has never been caught, and so still remains active. Even more perplexing to the citizens of Tamriel, the Bucket Murderer started placing buckets on the posteriors of her victims rather than their heads, assumedly for the sake of efficiency.  

Only few citizens of Skyrim know that this lethal force is actually catwalk-superstar Princess Leia. Uthgerd the Unbroken is one, and clearly shows that she hates the way the Bucket Murderer defiles the corpses. She has sometimes been known to "run to the other side of the victim", but she is in fact kicking the bucket off the corpse. The other is Satan, who is most likely thrilled with Leia for dispatching people, as they are most likely sent to his/her Kingdom.  

Influence across SkyrimEdit

While considered by most holds to be a menace to society, the Bucket Murderer has rid the land of many menace through both violence, and the reputation she maintains, which works to stop the criminals of Skyrim from rising to prominence due to fear of a bucket-related death.

It should be noted that production of buckets in the Skyrim black market has skyrocketed. After seeing from the Bucket Murderer's victims what powerful weapons buckets can be, many outlaws and criminals have deemed the bucket to be the weapon of choice. This explains why Princess Leia can usually find a multitude of highly functional buckets to utilise when she explores the dungeon of an experienced bandit group.

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