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The Camouflage House is Simon's base on the Yogscast Voltz server. Lewis referred to it as the forward scout outpost.


The house was built by Simon to spy on Ridgedog, Sips, and Sjin to make sure they didn't set off any more missiles. It was build next to The Bunker where his cattle and sheep farm sat, after Sips and Sjin set off a red matter bomb that destroyed their own base.

The house was originally a small hut made of dirt and birch logs without a roof. It was often attacked by creepers until Lewis gave Simon some camouflage blocks so he could stay hidden and still see everything outside. The house was in a pyramid/dome shape with four trees circling the corners and a tree perched on top.


  • The clump of trees on top of the camouflage looked slightly strange, and thus wasn't very good at keeping the base hidden.
  • Simon has stated that the base is "totally not going to protect him if a missile should hit it".
  • Currently, Ridgedog, Sips, and Sjin have not seemed to notice the base.

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