"The Captive Creeper Bar & Grill For Hardcore Badasses Only"
(The message outside the bar)

The Captive Creeper is a bar owned and run by MintyMinute for the 'baddest of the bad.'


The Captive Creeper was built by Minty on the Yogscast Tekkit Server. It was first seen by Sips and Sjin in their Tekkit series. They went there to find a guide for their Nether expedition. They soon chose Minty and left with her.


The Captive Creeper was mentioned again in Rythian and Zoey's Tekkit Series when they found a note from Sjin, who had kidnapped Teep, and taken him to the Captive Creeper. Teep was held in a nearby floating island filled with lava, in a reinforced glass case. Teep broke the glass quickly possibly due to being in creative mode at the time, and switched back to put the jetpack on and escape

The Captive Creeper was seen again when Nilesy was looking for Rubber.

Rythian, Teep, and Ravs, owner of the bar's competitive rival The Crooked Caber, visit the bar in its latest appearance, and changed the message to "The Captive Chicken: Softcore Wusses Only Duncan was here" as a prank.

Strippin and Benji found the Captive Creeper and Minty's base while exploring the world.

Relations with other companiesEdit




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