The Co-Optional Lounge is a board-gaming show hosted by TotalBiscuit, Dodger, and Jesse Cox. It is a shoulder-show of The Co-Optional Podcast and is hosted generally every Friday or Saturday on a weekly basis.

The show is also hosted on Sundays on a weekly basis as 'Secret Hitler Sundays'. This involves the regular hosts playing the board game, Secret Hitler, alongside 4-5 guests in a multitude of sessions of the game.

Show FormatEdit

The show starts with the hosts and the guest introducing themselves before introducing and explaining the board game they will be playing. They then play the game for an hour before going to a break, afterwards playing it for another hour and having yet another break and then finally playing it for another 30 minutes to an hour before saying their goodbyes.

Episode GuideEdit

Other Games - Games and Guests of the Show
  1. Dominion - Part 1: WoWCrendor
  2. Dominion - Part 2: WoWCrendor and Strippin (No Jesse)
  3. The Witcher Adventure Game: WoWCrendor
  4. Battlestar Galactica - Part 1: WoWCrendor
  5. Battlestar Galactica - Part 2: WoWCrendor
  6. Talisman - Part 1: WoWCrendor
  7. Talisman - Part 2: WoWCrendor
  8. Talisman - Part 3: WoWCrendor
  9. Epic Spell Wars - Part 1: WoWCrendor and Strippin (No Jesse)
  10. Epic Spell Wars - Part 2: WoWCrendor
  11. Smash Up: WoWCrendor
  12. Cards Against Humanity (UK Edition), Bucket of Doom & Aye, Dark Overlord - Live at CoxCon 2015: WoWCrendor and Strippin
  13. Gremlins Inc: Cryaotic and Strippin (No Dodger)
  14. Space Food Truck: Cryaotic, CinnamonToastKen and Sinvicta (No Jesse or Dodger)
  15. Snake Oil: Cryaotic, Genna Bain, WoWCrendor and Octopimp (No Jesse or Dodger)
Secret Hitler Sundays - Guests of the Show
  1. Session 1: Margaret Krohn, MathasGames, Sinvicta, Slowbeef, Cryaotic, and Genna Bain (No Dodger)
  2. Session 2: Cryaotic, Strippin, WoWCrendor, Sinvicta, and Genna Bain
  3. Session 3: Margaret Krohn, Sinvicta, Genna Bain, itmeJP, Cryaotic, Strippin, and CinnamonToastKen (No TotalBiscuit or Jesse)
  4. Session 4: Crendor, Strippin, Cryaotic, Sinvicta, and Genna Bain
  5. Session 5: Genna Bain, iNcontroL, Anna Prosser, Crendor and Toasterwoman - Cryaotic and Sinvicta join halfway through (No Jesse or Dodger)
  6. Session 6: Sinvicta, Nerd3, Crendor, MathasGames, Cryaotic, Sioux and CinnamonToastKen (No Dodger or Jesse)
  7. Session 7: Margaret Krohn, Nerd3, Sinvicta, Mathas, Cryaotic, Genna Bain, Crendor (No Jesse or Dodger)