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The Co-Optional Podcast, formerly known as the TGS Podcast, is a gaming podcast hosted by TotalBiscuitJesse Cox and Dodger. Whilst originally airing on the TGS channel, The Co-Optional Podcast was moved to the Polaris YouTube channel. However as of the 13th of November 2014, it was moved again to TotalBiscuit's channel instead, due to "disagreement on creative direction".


The show starts with the main host,TotalBiscuit, introducing his side hosts and that episode's guest and then (one at a time) everyone talks about what games they have been playing since the last episode of the podcast. They then go to their first break and afterwards talk about that week's news or that week's releases if the news has been very slow. They then take their last break and talk about that week's release if they haven't done so already and afterwards talk about what videos are going to be uploaded to their channels (varies if they guest isn't on Youtube) and then they say their goodbyes.

Episode Guide & GuestsEdit

Almost every episode of the podcast has had a guest and the guests of each episode are as follows:

The Game Station PodcastEdit

  1. Gunns4Hire
  2. HuskyStarcraft
  3. Myndflame
  4. MuzzaFuzza
  5. Maru the Cat (GIF)
  6. Simon
  7. ZAMoffical
  8. Davis/The Warp Zone
  9. (No Guests)
  10. JonTron
  11. PeanutButterGamer
  12. AngryJoe
  13. HuskyStarcraft & Rosanna Pansino (Dodger as Main host) (No TotalBiscuit)
  14. (No Guests) (TotalBiscuitJesse Cox & Dodger live from Jesse's Kitchen, first time all 3 in same place)
  15. The Completionist
  16. Layne Pavoggi
  17. WoWCrendor
  18. Josh/Indiestatik (No Dodger)
  19. JonTron & PeanutButterGamer (No TotalBiscuit)
  20. KnightWing01
  21. ZoocDoesStuff
  22. DaveChaos (No TotalBiscuit)
  23. (No Guest)
  24. Martyn & WoWCrendor (No Dodger)
  25. StephenPlays & IndieStatik (No Dodger)
  26. PurpleRodri
  27. Felicia Day/Geek & Sundry
  28. Myndflame, WoWCrendor and MunchingOrange (No TotalBiscuit and Dodger)
  29. ChuggaConroy (No Jesse Cox)
  30. Jarrett Cale/Pure Pwnage
  31. JP McDaniel
  32. Yamimash
  33. Lucahjin
  34. BlameTheController
  35. SideStrafe (No TotalBiscuit)
  36. KnightWing01
  37. (No Guest)
  38. (No Guest)
  39. Randy/ElderGeekDotCom
  40. ImAnderZEL
  41. CinnamonToastKen
  42. The Completionist (No Dodger)
  43. ChuggaConroy (No Dodger)
  44. Criken
  45. ForceSC2Strategy
  46. TalesOfLumin
  47. TradeChat
  48. Markiplier, Myndflame & WoWCrendor (No TotalBiscuit and Dodger)
  49. The Game Station Podcast Panel Live at PAX East 2013 (Criken joins half way through)
  50. DMJared & WoWCrendor {No TotalBiscuit)
  51. Angry Joe & Lisa Foiles (No Jesse Cox and Dodger)
  52. ZeitgeistReview
  53. Jwittz
  54. Rurikhan
  55. AzuriteReaction
  56. Caddicarus
  57. DissidiusWasTaken & WoWCrendor (as guest host due to no TotalBiscuit)
  58. ItMeJP
  59. Justin of Silvermania (Was kicked off half way through the show, see trivia for more info)
  60. SmoothMcGroove
  61. WoWCrendor
  62. ThatOneVideoGamer

The Co-Optional PodcastEdit

  1. James Portnow
  2. JonTron
  3. Pusheen the Cat (No Guest)
  4. AngryJoeShow
  5. WoWCrendor (as Main Host) & Dracula Cat (PIC) (No TotalBiscuit)
  6. The Co-Optional Podcast Panel Live at PAX Prime 2013 (No Guest)
  7. NorthernLion
  8. IndieStatik
  9. Larry Bundy Jr.
  10. ItMeJP
  11. Sips
  12. Jim Sterling
  13. Boogie2988
  14. PeanutButterGamer
  15. Kyle Bosman
  16. Smooth McGroove
  17. Matt Lees
  18. WoWCrendor
  19. (No Guest)
  20. Cryaotic
  21. Nika Harper & IamChiib (No Dodger)
  22. Strippin
  23. WoWCrendor & ThatOneVideoGamer
  24. Nick of ContinueShow
  25. Yungtown
  26. (No Guest)
  27. (No Guest)
  28. ItMeJP
  29. Jim Sterling (No Dodger)
  30. CinnamonToastKen
  31. Super BunnyHop
  32. NorthernLion
  33. WoWCrendor (No TotalBiscuit)
  34. ProJared
  35. xXSlyFoxHoundXx
  36. UnitLost (No Dodger)
  37. iNcontrol (No Jesse)
  38. Larry Bundy Jr. (No Jesse)
  39. Criken (No TotalBiscuit)
  40. Birgirpall
  41. WoWCrendor (No Dodger)
  42. MathasGames & Cryaotic (No TotalBiscuit)
  43. Paul & Josh of ContinueShow (No TotalBiscuit)
  44. Aphmau/ChallengeAcceptedInc & iDubbbzTV (No TotalBiscuit)
  45. Jim Sterling & Matt Lees (No Jesse or Dodger)
  46. (No Guest)
  47. Jontron
  48. ItMeJP
  49. Sty and Kiri of Unit Lost (No Jesse)
  50. WoWCrendor
  51. Woolie of TheSw1chter (Two Best Friends Play)
  52. ProtonJon
  53. ThatOneVideoGamer and TheNationalDex of Super Beard Bros
  54. WoWCrendor & ItmeJP
  55. (No Guest)
  56. Nick Robinson/Babylonian (Formerly of Rev3Games)
  57. Gavin of Miracleofsound
  58. WoWCrendor (No Dodger)
  59. NorthernLion
  60. ForceStrategy (Formerly ForceSC2Strategy)
  61. Pyrion Flax (No Dodger)
  62. Nerd³
  63. Margaret Krohn
  64. Quill18
  65. WoWCrendor
  66. Jason Schrier
  67. Danny O'Dwyer
  68. CohhCarnage
  69. Laura K.


  • The show usually lasts from around 2 hours to 3 hours and 15 minutes.
  • The shortest Podcast episode was episode 49 which was around 50 minutes because it was the PAX Est TGS Panel and they were only allowed an hour of their panel. That podcast panel was also the first time that Criken showed his face in public.
  • The Longest episode was episode 18 of The Co-Optional Podcast which last 3 hours and 39 Minutes with Simon's episode (epsiode 6 of the TGS podcast) close behind with 3 Hours and 30 minutes.
  • Episode 59 has the only guest to be kicked off the show was Justin of Silvermania who was kicked off due to him not contributing towards the on-going discussions (of videogames) and his roommate and Justin himself insulting the hosts numerous times. He finally got kicked from the podcast after his roommate called TotalBiscuit an a**hole.
  • After being kicked off the show, Justin posted to his facebook fans: "They (the hosts) couldn't handle our awesomeness".
  • Simon, Martyn, DaveChaos, Sips, Strippin and Pyrion have all been on the show.
  • From episode 63 onwards, the show was renamed the Co-Optional Podcast.
  • From Co-optional Episode 27, each show begins with an animated intro. The visuals were animated by Julian GD of, and the introduction music was written and performed by Miracle of Sound.
  • After the show was renamed to the Co-Optional podcast, TB stopped caring about the guests being from the Polaris network, as mentioned on episode 69 when NorthernLion (who is part of the Machinma network) was on the show.
  • Episode 68 was the Co-Optional podcast panel at PAX Prime so there was no guest.
  • On the 14th episode of The TGS Podcast, Dodger ate a pack of Jaffa Cakes with the best before date being the year 1272, whether this was just a mis-print or the box of jaffa cakes were actually from the medieval age, this goes down as one of the most memorable moments in the podcast's history.
  • With a total of 16 appearances to date, WoWCrendor is the most frequent guest on the Podcast and is joked to be the "like the fifth beatle" or "the third wheel".
  • Jesse had previously been the only host to be present every episode up until episode 37 of the co-optional podcast where he missed the podcast due to being on holiday in Peru with his dad.
  • The Co-Optional Podcast is live every Tuesday at 3 PM EST / 12PM PST / 8pm GMT /¸9pm CET on Totalbiscuit's Twitch channel : (check his page for times and guest) If TotalBiscuit's twitch is not live by 3:15 EST , check Polaris', Jesse's and/or Dodger's Twitter for info.
  • Kaeyi Dream is known to have watched the show and is most likely a fan of it due to the fact that she mentioned that she first saw Martyn on the 24th episode of the TGS Podcast.
  • It was originally though that the name change from the TGS podcast to the Co-Optional podcast came about due to copyright issues with Gamestation, a line of video gaming shops in the UK however, it was later clarified that the change of name was due to the change of the Network's name from being The Game Station to Polaris.
  • Jesse, one of the show's hosts, broke the law live on air on the 39th episode of The TGS Podcast when he illegally got sent a case of cans and a 1L bottle of the UK-exclusive (although primarily Scotland) fizzy drink, Irn-Bru by a fan and drunk a can live on air. Needless to say, the mass amount of sugar (as well as a certain chemical which bans it from the US) made Jesse hyperactive which made him rage at TB and Dodger which is still to this day, one of the most memorable moments in the podcast's history.
  • If any of the hosts are not available, Dodger or Jesse Cox (depending on who is missing) takes over as the main host and they either replace the missing host(s) with more guests or a picture/gif of something.
  • BlameTheController and SlyFoxHound are the only non-Yogscast Youtubers who has been on both The Co-Optional Podcast and The Shaft.
  • Nerd3 was offered to be on the Co-Optional Podcast but declined at the time because he though he didn't have good enough internet. However, now that he does have good enough internet Dan said he said that he'll go on it eventually although he has never watched an episode.
  • After disagreement in the running of the show and the show's animations series, TotalBiscuit decided to host the Podcast by himself and disassociate it from Polaris altogether.
  • As a result of this, the show's animator no longer got paid by Polaris and set up a Patreon for payment per animation video. Currently, he is getting paid over $1,000 per video which according to TotalBiscuit, was "far more than what Polaris was paying him per video".
  • During the 14th episode of the TGS Podcast, Dodger ate a box of Jaffa Cakes where the Sell-by date was quite literally the year 1272.


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