The Crimson Cross is an organisation of Templars that was founded by Karpath Antioch at the end of The Sand War. Its main purpose is to prevent the spread of The Desert throughout Minecraftia through maintaining The Wall. The organisation currently awaits the return of their founder, Karpath, who disappeared a month after the end of the war and the death of his father, Verigan Antioch. This was about a hundred years ago.
Templars group

The headquarters of the Crimson Cross is Verigan's Hold, which is presided over by Templar Adaephon, who is Karpath's brother. As of yet, Adaephon is the only member of the Cross that our heroes have come across, although it is possible that more of them will appear in Icaria. It is thought that the Templars are the military arm of this organisation. However, most members of The Crimson Cross are now deceased.



  • Most likely a ploy on the Templars. They were known for the insignia which was a Red Cross. Hence the possible name choice for "Crimson Cross".

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