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The Desert Ship(s) are a set of grounded ships that have been briefly seen by Honeydew and Xephos during Shadow of Israphel. One of the ships was spotted during Isabel Peculier's story. Another ship was visited by Xephos and Honeydew when they were looking for a healer to help Professor Webley. The ship belonged to Shiplord Hubert, who abandoned it in order to help Honeydew and Xephos find the oasis.

There are many possibilities and theories as to how the ships ended up in The Desert, since Hubert never officially explained how he got there, only having mentioned that his ship was swept up by a whirlpool and dumped in The Desert. The ships may have been from BBQ Bay and were cast into The Desert by unknown means. All of the ships that have been spotted are said to look identical to each other. A third ship has said to have been spotted near the Desert Tower. The other ships may belong to other Shiplords and may have been part of a fleet.

Locations of Shadow of Israphel
Cities/Towns: BBQ Bay (The Bridge to BBQ Bay), Icaria, Mistral City (1 Riverside, Lysander's Secret, Mistral Cemetery, Pool of Memory), Stoneholm (The Deepcore, Deepcore Ruins, Dwarven Drills), Terrorvale (The Skeletal Arms)
Castles/Fortresses: Israphel's Castle, Skyhold (Turtle God), The Ruined Castle, Verigan's Hold
Tombs: The Tomb of Lehparsi, Tomb of the Templar Kings
The Desert: Desert Tower, Jade Sentinels, Lastwatch Hold, Swampy's Oasis, The Desert Oasis
N-Comm: Facility 4, JADE SENTINEL Central Power Core
Transport: Airship Del Banjo, Hubert's Ship, The Black Pimple, The Celaeno, The Desert Ship
Misc: Carnivale Del Banjo, Cave of Terror, C.H.L.O.E., Crumbling Ruins, Grimjaw's Treasure Hold, Hellgate, Huge Volcano Room, Minefield, Scumbucket Island, Simon's Shack, Skull Pass, Skylord Jasper's Retreat, Spider Tree, Survival Island, The Dark Constructions, The Magical Island of Pig, The Peculier House, The Stone Dragon, The Tiki Isles, The Wall, The YogCave, Zybourne Clock

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