The HMS Pernus is the ship that Simon Lane and Lewis Brindley piloted during the YogLabs episodes Minecraft Mods - Bigger Dinghy (Metaworlds Mod) - YogLabs and Minecraft Mods - Maiden Voyage (Metaworlds Mod) - YogLabs. Simon made the ship fly very fast, and now it is presumed lost for the rest of eternity. At the end, Simon quoted: 'If you're playing on your minecraft world and you happen to see a ship fly past very very quickly, just be very careful.'

Characters Bort, Dr. David Grizwald Chaos, Dr. Lalnable Hector, Dr. Srivaramen, Dr. Testificate MD, Fumblemore Robot, Gosencrantz, Hammy Hammsta, Honeydew (Clone), Little Maids, Mr. Wong, OldHoneydew, OldXephos, Patient X, Prof. Brightmeer, Professor Bixby, Puffy Clouds, Sergeant Herp, Ted-209, The Adventures League, The HMS Pernus, Voskoboynikov

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