The Hand of Truth is a "pyramid scheme" organisation created by Hat Films in the series Cornerstone. As a religion, the Hand of Truth was devised so other members of the group would follow Hat Film's order and worship the hand.
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The Hand was reconstructed several times, the first due to destruction by various Yogscast members, and the second due to block incompatibilities when transferring to their Resonant Rise 3 modpack.

Trivia Edit

  • The Hand was blown up and smashed by Duncan and Kim. At one occasion, slime blocks were placed on the hand to represent snot.
  • Sjin blew up the hand.
  • They ran a court in case any items (such as gold) went missing.
  • Many believe that The Hand of Truth is a cult, but Hat Films have denied this many times.
  • Merchandise is available on the Yogscast Store.

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