The Laughing Demon Tavern is a bar franchise owned by Sjin. The first tavern was built on Sjin's Farm, and another has since been built in Sjinterfel.


Sjin built the first Laughing Demon Tavern in Let's Build - Sjin's Farm Tavern, and it first appeared in the Sjin's Farm series in Sjin's Farm #94 - Evil Barman when he gives Lewis a tour.

The second Laughing Demon Tavern was built in Rule The World #27 - Big Willie Bard, turning the Laughing Demon from a single tavern to a franchise.

Layout and DesignEdit

The Laughing Demon Tavern on Sjin's Farm is a stone and timber structure with a high peaked roof and a patio area to the rear. During his tour, Lewis describes the building as looking similar to a cathedral, due to the large ornate windows and high vaulted ceiling. Behind the bar in the centre is a glass case containing an Ender Guardian, the demon from which the tavern takes it name.

The Laughing Demon Tavern in Sjinterfel was originally Sjin's house, until he converted it into a tavern. This Laughing Demon does not contain such a dangerous attraction as the one on Sjin's Farm, instead Big Willie Strife the bard provides the entertainment with his (rather repetitive) music. The tavern has multiple levels, including a beer garden and balcony. It also offers accommodation for visitors to the area.


  • At the start of the Rule The World episode in which Sjin builds the tavern, he mistakenly calls it "The Laughing Skull Tavern".
  • When he saw the sign for the first time, Lewis reckoned the demon featured on it bore a striking resemblance to Sjin.
  • The demon trapped in the glass case is an Ender Guardian from the Ars Magica 2 mod.


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