The Peculier House was the home of Isabel Antioch, her brother Verigan Antioch II, their father, Karpath Antioch, and his wife. It was abandoned after Israphel kidnapped the wife, and Karpath left to hunt Israphel, sending his children away, first into the care of Granny Bacon, and then into the care of their uncle, Adaephon Antioch, along with the other Templars. It was seen briefly in Isabel Peculier's Tale. 

It can later be seen in Minecraft - Mod Spotlight - Dwarves! (and Penguins), with the house being located on the other side of The Stone Dragon, near BBQ Bay, as well near Icaria. It was seen with an unknown ship docked nearby in the mod spotlight. This ship was theorized by some to be the The Black Pimple, but this is not correct, seeing as this ship is nearly three times as long as it. It is also not Angus Eyless' ship. There is some speculation that the ship is the same as the one seen in the Child's Play Charity special. The ship could also be a Shiplord's ship.


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