The Room 3 (Also stylised as The Room Three) is a mobile puzzle video game developed by Fireproof Games. It is a direct sequel to The Room 2, and is the third instalment in The Room series. Continuing the story from The Room 2, the player must search for fragments of the Null. Through solving puzzles to progress through rooms, the player will be able to achieve one of the alternate endings to the story.

In Yogiverse Edit

Hannah has played the game during December 2015, with the first episodes being released on Christmas.

Episode Guide Edit

Hannah — The Room 3
Video Name Table yt
The Room 3 #1 - Grey Holme Watch
The Room 3 #2 - Game of Thrones Watch
The Room 3 #3 - Lighthouse Watch
The Room 3 #4 - Clock Tower Watch
The Room 3 #5 - Music Box Watch
The Room 3 #6 - Workshop Watch
The Room 3 #7 - Observatory Watch
The Room 3 #8 - Endings Watch