The Sandbox is a game developed by independent game studio Pixowl Games. Alike other sand-physics based games, The Sandbox allows the player to build and destroy pixels of sand, each with its own unique properties, such as water or electricity. The play must use these pixel elements to complete objectives at each level of the game.


  • Simon played the game on the main Yogscast channel in two first impressions-type videos, accompanied by Duncan.
  • Duncan also played the game in three videos of a similar manner, on his channel, as well as one on the TAPP channel.
  • Hannah played the game for a single video, which looked to be evolving into a series but this never came to be.

Episode GuideEdit

Simon and Duncan — The Sandbox
Video Name Table yt
The Sandbox - Simon Is God - Part 1 Watch
The Sandbox - Lava Beard - Part 2 Watch
Duncan — The Sandbox
Video Name Table yt
THE SANDBOX - Volcano Escape! Watch
The Sandbox - Heroes! Watch
Duncan Plays! The Sandbox Evolution - Arnies Bad Day! Watch
TAPP — The Sandbox
Video Name Table yt
Duncan Plays The Sandbox Evolution! TAPP! Watch
Hannah — The Sandbox
Video Name Table yt
The Sandbox - Crafting and Creation! Watch

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