The Strays is a song on Area 11's All The Lights in the Sky album. The song is based off the anime, Cowboy Bebop.


Courtesy of: Kogie

I still cheer for you, ten years down the line, time’s stepped away from me
Stained with tiger stripes, losing all your lives, stray from this boring dream
What must it be like, with your world alight, hard to swallow but hunger’s the best spice
Catch a warrior’s eye with an asteroid’s sigh. Stray!


How could I stay here and rust when I’m set to explode?
You can outrun everything but the debts that you owe
You think I’m vicious but you don’t know what vicious is
I’m numb from the distance so stub out the stars on my wrist
Stub out the stars on my wrist

(Chorus end)

If it’s just the bored, asking this kind of thing, where do we fit in?
Watch the stardust rise, with your reddened eyes, take what you want from it
We’re the last ones left, left to convalesce, get the others and cut to the next scene
To be truly free, freedom comes not from but through me. Take!


Do you remember when the stars were much higher?
You would try to count them all but you grew tired



Area 11 - The Strays04:35

Area 11 - The Strays

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