Skylord Baako shortly before exploding into a bag of gore.

The Taint of Israphel is a curse used by Israphel on a variety of characters which can have many different effects, ranging from rapid-ageing to slow and painful death. It can be extremely dangerous, but seems to be in common knowledge by many of the citizens of Minecraftia. Although the taint seems to affect people by simply being near Israphel, if purposefully initiated by him it can have devastating effects.

Known Victims and EffectsEdit

  • Old Peculier - Seems to have been infected some time around when his mother was kidnapped. It seems to have taken a long period of time. The Taint gave him horrible nightmares, aged him before his time, and may have even allowed Israphel to control him somewhat. The Taint also made him vulnerable to stress brought on by the Celaeno's crash. He was eventually cured of the taint after drinking one of Fumblemore's potions, and regained his youth and vitality. The male pattern baldness remained, though.

Possible Victims and Effects Edit

  • Reverend John - Caused him to go insane and become obsessive over Israphel's grave.
  • Skylord Baako - Became rapidly ill, and eventually exploded into blood and gore. Whether or not this was caused by the taint of Israphel is merely speculation on Xephos' part.
  • The dwarves of Stoneholm - Many died, and King Finbar was resurrected and given dark powers.

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