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The Tekkit Adventure 5 - The Apprentice

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Blackrock lrg
Tekkit Adventure #5
Season 1, Episode 5
Tekkitadventures 0
Posted 28 Aug 2012
Featuring Rythian, Zoey
Channel YogscastRythian
Episode guide
The Tekkit Adventure 4 - Bath Salts
The Tekkit Adventure 6 - Doomed Sentry

This is the fifth episode of Rythian's Tekkit series named: "The Tekkit Adventure".

The description reads: Rythian, former disciple of alchemy and wizardry, current exile and explorer, starts his journey back towards his former levels of power, creating a proper mage tower and a sanctuary for other exiles along the way. He is joined by Zoey, mushroom enthusiast and apprentice mage.


Minecraft - The Tekkit Adventure 5 - The Apprentice-019:05

Minecraft - The Tekkit Adventure 5 - The Apprentice-0

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