The VoxelBox is a group of Minecraft players once managed by Steven Goates (Ridgedog). They ran a server with Bukkit plugins and their own custom plugins, and made custom texture packs for their server. Additionally, they also wrote mods and plugins and made custom maps, like Deep Space Turtle Chase.

The VoxelBox Creative Server was a whitelisted and greylisted server, meaning you had to get on the other greylist, then be approved based on your actions for whitelisting. While on the greylist, you were considered a "guest" and had to complete a project in the Guest World, and have it approved by an admin before getting onto the whitelist. Once whitelisted, you were a "member". As a member, you could request a build zone in The Nexus, freely work on projects in The Wild West, or help with some of the lower-level curated builds, along the way getting to meet many talented and famous Minecrafters. After serving as a member and gaining the respect of the staff, you becme a "Lite Sniper', and had access to entry-level tools of the Voxel Sniper toolbox. Voxel Sniper is a powerful plugin, similar to Wold Edit, that allow massive terrain changes and brush-style construction. Lite Snipers could complete more curated projects, but you were also expected to be able to help new guests and members if the need arises. After Lite Sniper came Sniper. The Sniper could access all curated builds and all tools of the Voxel Sniper plugin. Following Sniper, you would work your ways up the ranks of staff, until eventually you become the right-hand man of Deamon2000, the current server owner.

For more information, see The Voxel Box Website.

During August 2014, the Voxel Box was closed off to the public as a result of various unknown reasons. Some of the Voxel Box members stayed and continue to work on projects, while the other members of the Voxel Box left to form the community known as The Dream Sanctuary. Both The VoxelBox and The Dream Sanctuary are now rebuilding their communities and publishing builds and maps.

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