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The Wall is a giant cobblestone wall built by the people of Minecraftia a long time ago to stop The Sands coming from The Desert, which threatened to destroy the land. The Wall stretches "to the horizon, and then many miles more". The area around The Wall contains a guard tower and a few huts, including a supply cabinet. Several beacons are placed along The Wall in order to keep the monsters of The Desert away. The Templars' main fortress, Verigan's Hold, and the town of Icaria are both located along The Wall.

The Wall was breached by Israphel and his minions, but the damage was repaired by Xephos, Honeydew, and Knight Peculier during the Battle of the Breach, despite Israphel and his minions' attempts to stop them.

Israphel may have used several nuclear bombs to blow the hole in the wall. The signal beacon should have kept even Israphel away. It is possible the Cult of Israphel was responsible, and disabled the beacon, or Israphel himself, if the beacon did not effect him if he was on the opposite side of The Wall or if he had become too powerful.

The Wall then appeared in Minecraft - "Shadow of Israphel" Part 37: Ballooning, where it was seen invaded by The Sands as our heroes passed over in hot air balloons.

In the next episode, Minecraft - "Shadow of Israphel" Part 38: The Hand, there was a massive breach in The Wall that was unable to be repaired as our heroes ventured into The Desert.

If The Sands continue to invade The Wall, it will likely get overrun sooner or later. The reason for The Wall's collapse is likely because the failure of the C.H.L.O.E. and the signal beacon being disabled.


  • It is possible the beacons themselves are ancient, and possibly magical, as, when Professor Grizwold activated the Hellgate in The Ruined Castle, flaming beacons lit. It is possible the ancient civilization that made the 'Gates made the beacons to contain any evil that escaped from' Gates. They may, then, have formed the path for the Wall to follow.
  • Recently, The Wall has been featured as the cover photo for the Yogscast's Facebook page. It is periodically updated based on the progress Xephos and Honeydew made while rebuilding it, and many have speculated that when the wall is complete, Shadow of Israphel will continue. As of 23 July 2013, the wall is seemingly complete, with Xephos accidentally setting the beacon tower alight.
Locations of Shadow of Israphel
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