Thea: The Awakening is a survival game set in a Fantasy world full of mystical creatures from Slavic Mythology. The player discovers the awakening of the world after the great darkness that lasted hundreds of years. In a turn-based strategic gameplay, as one of the Slavic gods, the player takes control over a small group of his believers and tries to bring some light and hope to the world of Thea. [1]

In Yogiverse Edit

Episode GuideEdit

Civilization — Thea: The Awakening
Video Name Table yt
Thea #1 - Fantasies Collide Watch
Thea #2 - The Cult of Free Love Watch
Thea #3 - Drunken Weddings Watch
Thea #4 - Expedition Away! Watch
Thea #5 - Three Skullers Watch
Thea #6 - Frodo the Big Swinger Watch
Thea #7 - Our God, Mokosh Watch
Thea #8 - Mithrill Quest Team! Watch
Thea #9 - Pray For Sansa Watch
Thea #10 - Flashbacks from Miss Thrill Watch
Thea #11 - Buckets for Days Watch
Thea #12 - King Arathor of Camroth Watch
Thea #13 - Death Forth Thive Thouthand Watch
Thea #14 - Cleaning Up Shop Watch
Thea #15 - SimCity vs Adventure Time Watch
Thea #16 - Unlucky Faramir Watch
Thea #17 - The Granite Plan Watch
Thea #18 - Murder Them All Watch
Thea #19 - The Siege of Rivendell Watch
Thea #20 - Weapons Of The Dead Watch
Thea #21 - Making Mega Swords Watch
Thea #22 - elves op pls nerf Watch
Thea #23 - Math`d `Em Real Good Watch
Thea #24 - A Series of Ups and Downs Watch
Thea #25 - Hitting On The Gods Watch
Thea #26 - Necro Neccie Watch
Thea #27 - The Umbrage Lord (Final) Watch



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