Tiddles, also known as Mr. Tiddles, is a pet companion in Duncan and Kim's modded Minecraft series. Tiddles first appeared in their Galacticraft series and has since been featured in the following Flux Buddies and Flux Buddies 2.0 series. Throughout the various series, Duncan has "accidentally" killed Tiddles by different means, and as a result there have been various incarnations of Tiddles.



Tiddles was first found in a jungle near Kim and Duncan's base, New Camelot. Duncan tamed Tiddles and returned them to the base, where Tiddles resided within the new "sex dungeon". This first incarnation of Tiddles was murdered by Duncan on accident with a lava bucket. This was recorded in front of Kim between recording sessions and was later shown in Kim's Blooper Reel #4. In order to cover this tragedy up, Duncan tamed another cat to replace Tiddles. However, this new cat (Tiddles II) was grey, and Kim already knew about the original Tiddles' death. Duncan has continued to deny that he killed Tiddles.

Flux BuddiesEdit

Duncan sent Tiddles II through a Nether portal in order to bring him to their new base. They instead ended up at BebopVox's base, where Tiddles II fell in lava and died. Tiddles III survived until the end of Flux Buddies and reappeared in Flux Buddies 2.0.

Flux Buddies 2.0Edit

Tiddles III was mysteriously "killed by magic" in an incident possibly involving a combination of server lag and Kim's magical flower based anti-monster system. A similar incident also killed Kim's penguin, Billy, who was also from the first Flux Buddies series. Tiddles IV was then captured by Lalnable Hector during the war between Kim and Duncan and their evil clones. Tiddles IV was killed by Lalnable in episode #119.


  • Tiddles is a very popular cat name in the Yogscast. On Yogpod 23, Lewis mentions a cat named Tiddles, around 40:00.

Flux Buddies
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