Tom Bates, under the username TPBates, is one of the editors for the Yogscast, who works at YogTowers. He also films Yogscast events every so often, such as the Don't Starve Challenge.

Yogscast Website SummaryEdit

Tom (aka Tom II) joined the team in 2013 as an editor. Upon the realisation that he was the second Tom on the Yogscast team, Tom II was forced to do battle with Tom I, the winner of which would be granted the title 'Tom of YogTowers', the loser would be stripped of all naming rights, only to be referred to as 'Old No Name'. The blood bath that ensued ended in an anticlimactic draw and it was decided that the name be split between both Toms.


  • Tom was inside the Master Chief costume during the Yogscast Harlem Shake.
  • Tom's Minecraft skin is the same as the YouTuber, OldManWillakers.
  • Tom can't eat chocolate, potatoes, and tomatoes as he is allergic to nightshades.
  • During the 2017 Jingle Jam Tom Bates lost a game of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare against Tom Clark and shall hence be called Tim Bates because of it.




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