Not to be confused with Tom Clarke AKA Sparkles*.

Tom Clark, also known by the username Angor, is the executive producer for the Yogscast. He used to be a video editor for the Yogscast and used to work on the storyline and planning for Shadow of Israphel. He participates in the Civilization V series every so often. In 2015, Tom became more visible in Yogscast content, becoming responsible for making many custom playlists in Grand Theft Auto V, and often joins them in the races. He frequently appears alongside Simon on the Tap! Channel, and as of late 2016, has started producing content for his own channel, Angory Tom.

Yogscast Website SummaryEdit

The shadowy figure, Tom Clark is the behind the scenes mastermind of the Yogscast. Primarily responsible for planning live action videos he is also the Yogscast’s writer, working on Yoglabs and masterminding Yogsquest. Whenever you see something a little out of the ordinary on the Yogscast, you can thank Tom and his ability to talk Lewis into doing ridiculous things. After a long struggle, he is now officially recognised as the real Tom of the Yogscast and heads 'The council of Toms'. ALL HAIL THE MASTER TOM!


Notable Quotes Edit

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  • "Photon torpedoes!!"
  • "Have you tried playing better?"
  • "Get him, Dad! Get him!"
  • "Oh, Shit!"
  • "Oh no..."
  • "AHHHH, for fuck sake New Poosbry! Why are you always on fire!?"
  • "Shit the bed!"
  • "Blammo!"
  • "Winners choice"
  • "OHHH, FUCK!"
  • “That’s a lot of ...!”
  • "Fuck you for real!”




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