Tom The Horse was Sjin's stuffed horse, best friend, and companion for eternity.


Tom the Horse first appeared in the music video, "So This Is Yogscast". Sips and Turps also commented on him while they were watching the song. Sips said that when they were packing to head back home from travelling, Tom wouldn't fit in the suitcase, so Sjin had to throw out a pair of jeans. Tom also appeared in the episode of Turps' YogTours showing Sjin's office. In the Trials Fusion Challenge, Duncan, Sjin's teammate, suggested that they use Tom as the mount for the knight they were trying to create. Although horrified at first, Sjin, after much convincing from Duncan and Tom himself, reluctantly allowed it, only able to watch in horror as Duncan cut Tom open and tore out his stuffing to mount him on their motorbike. Tom was ultimately reduced to two legs and a head. It is unknown what happened to his remains after the challenge.


  • He is a stuffed version of Maximus from the Disney film, Tangled.
  • He is more important than a pair of jeans.
  • He loves apples and carrots.
  • He likely died in the Yogscast Trials Fusion Challenge.
  • A doppelganger of Tom the Horse appears in Simon's Here! Thanks Obama! - Yogs On Tour - Episode 4 when Turps was leaving San Francisco. This doppelganger was used for the Trials Challenge. [1]




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