Totes is a player of World of Warcraft and a member of Ye Olde Goone Squade. He is featured in the early '12 Days of WoW Christmas' uploaded on the Yogscast main YouTube channel, during which, Simon Lane revealed that Totes has an "intimate relationship" with a young woman known only as Spooney, which is why the verse for the fifth day is "Five Spooneys rubbing my balls!"


Totes was quoted the following when asked about his relationship history with Spooney: "I still talk to Spooney, she's cute as hell. She is in Sweden permanently now - ain't no train line long enough for that."

He is also mentioned in YoGPoD 22: Thai Fish in a Bag, in which Hannah Rutherford tells Lewis Brindley and Simon that the recipe she is cooking is the first meal that 'Totes cooked for his girlfriend".

Totes is mentioned in Episode #4 of Hannah Rutherford's series of Heavy Rain. Totes mentioned through Steam to Hannah to not 'piss in the motel' as it causes a bug.[1]



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