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Triforce Logo

The Triforce Logo

Triforce! is a gaming and general discussion podcast hosted by Lewis Brindley, Sips and Pyrion Flax. The podcast is posted alongside the YoGPoD and features the trio talking about various ideas centred on gaming but also expand to current topics and sporadic thoughts. The structure of the podcast is fairly loose, with an introduction, miscellaneous topics, a gaming section and a Q and A from Twitter followers at the close of the podcast. Since Episode 20, every episode is finished by a Bodega short story written by Pyrion Flax about Bodega, a space bounty hunter.


  • The name for the podcast is discussed and created during its first episode, with each part of the name having its own meaning. The "Tri-" refers to the three hosts, "-force" refers to a nickname of Pyrion's, "T-Force", and the name overall representing the podcast's connection to, and discussion of, video games, as the Triforce is a popular symbol from The Legend of Zelda.
  • The animation for the YouTube version of the podcast was created by Ciaran Askew, as mentioned by Lewis on the 19th April edition of the Weekly Update on the main channel.
  • The introductory music to the podcast is Catch The Train, by Magnus Ringblom, and can be listened to here.
  • The three use a private Discord group to communicate and record their voices on their separate computers[1].

Episode GuideEdit

Video Name Table yt
Triforce! #1: Sell Your Kids Watch
Triforce! #2: Civ VI Watch
Triforce! #3 - Old Fluff Watch
Triforce! #4: On The Road Watch
Triforce! #5: Weekly Shop Watch
Triforce! #6: It Ain`t No Ghibli Watch
Triforce! #7: That`s Zen For Ya, Baby Watch
Triforce! #8: Femurs and Funerals [Archive Podcast] Watch
Triforce! #9: Soulmates and Superpowers [Archive Podcast] Watch
Triforce! #10: Comments and Corn Syrup [Team DD Archive Podcast] Watch
Triforce #11 - Sips 420:69 Watch
Triforce! #12: Keep Your Coins In Your Groins Watch
Triforce! #13: Portage Killer Watch
Triforce! #14: Eau De Vito Watch
Triforce! #15: Feeder Week Watch
Triforce! #16: Hungry Hungry Tanks Watch
Triforce Animated - Zen Snickers Watch
Triforce! #17: Waking Up Sexy Watch
Triforce! #18: Fat Man`s Burger Limbo Watch
Triforce! #19: Homebrew Fanfiction Watch
Triforce! #20: Bodega Part Uno Watch
Triforce! #21 - What Happened to Robert Redford? Watch
Triforce! #22 - Prepping for Disaster Watch
Triforce! #23 - No More Micro Watch
Triforce! #24 - Call Sign of the Triforce Watch
Triforce! #25 - Good Days Gone By Watch
Triforce! #26 - Boonos Aires Watch
Triforce! #27 - Biff, Chip and Floppy Watch


  1. Triforce! #5: Weekly Shop, 9:42

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