Turpster Time is a series posted on Turps' YouTube channel YogscastTurpster showing him play games for an episode or two to check them out.

This is rather similar to Martyn's Have A Gander or Sips' An Evening With Sips series to see if people want to see more of the game in a series.

Episode Guides Edit

Turps — Turpster Time
Video Name Table yt
Turpster Time - RISK OF RAIN - Going Commando Watch
Turpster Time - RISK OF RAIN - 3rd Time`s the Harm Watch
Turpster Time - RAMBO: LAST BLOOD - Hugs and Lobsters Watch
Turpster Time - LUFTRAUSERS - Ace Pilot Shooter Killer Watch
Turpster Time - LUFTRAUSERS - Divine Wind Watch
Turpster Time - DON`T STARVE: REIGN OF GIANTS - Hunting Giants and Trees Watch