"Take-a me with you!"
(Um Bongo's famous catchphrase.)

Um Bongo is a tribal man who seems to be a slave to Skylord Jasper because of his readiness to escape with Honeydew and Xephos. He offered to show Honeydew and Xephos to his master.

He is also a character who appears before the heroes at the end of Part 25: Visions. He is also thought by Simon and Lewis to be a Tiki Man because of his tropical appearance.

Due to his appearance, he is thought to hail from the lands that Isabel Peculier once travelled to (The Tiki Isles).

He escapes with the heroes in Part 26: The Mansion, implying to the fact that he might have been forced to work for Jasper against his will. When he reached the ship, he didn't stay long as a map given to him by Skylord Lysander allowed him to find his way home.

In Part 29: The Cage[1], Um Bongo was found to be the man who Skylord Vitali had imprisoned underneath the Skyhold. He tells them he was imprisoned because he spotted Vitali burying bones under an apple tree. The heroes then break him out, but he falls off Skyhold when demonstrating his jumping ability.


  • Um Bongo is named after a tropical flavour fruit juice drink sold in the United Kingdom (not exclusively), similar to Old Peculier being named after a drink. It was popular for its advert and slogan: "Um Bongo Um Bongo, They drink it in the Congo!" This should not be confused with Lewis' made-up drink that shares the same name as the operating system Ubuntu (which actually is a fair trade cola). It was created during a YoGPoD when Simon and Lewis were discussing the system Ubuntu and Lewis said "Ubuntu, Ubuntu, they drink it in the- oh...", to which Simon replied, "You were going to say 'Cuntu', weren't you!?"
  • In one of the Minecraft Update Pre-releases for 1.9, Um Bongo is seen again, showing a skill of being an expert potions crafter, as well as being resistant to fire(and apparently falling off the Skyhold.).
  • He appears again in the snapshot release for 1.2 by Jeb (again proving he survived his fall), featuring the upcoming jungle and it's corresponding features as well as putting eggs to use to form a trap; a feature that was already possible in 1.1. Wolves, both bred and found wild, seem to hate Um Bongo's mask, forcing him to fiercely defend himself against wolf assault.
  • He also seems to be an expert zombie slayer, joining the team in their Left 4 Dead adventures much to the exclamation of "Um bongos just killing everything!"
  • His character was controlled by Ridgedog.
  • He was shown again in a mod-spotlight where Simon and Lewis showcase the "Gulliver Mod".
  • He was referenced in YogLabs Island Paradise Part 1 where Honeydew put on a tribal mask and said his well-known quote "Take-a me with you!"
  • His skull was found in a chest in Minecraft - Lucky Blocks Challenge 2 - Squid Cannon. This possibly confirming that he was killed after jumping off Skyhold.
  • Um Bongo's current Minecraft skin is that of Pirate Tinman, similarly to several other SOI characters.

Character PopularityEdit

In a poll that was held from January to February 2013 on this wiki with all Season 3 characters to choose from, Um Bongo was placed 5th overall with 196 votes out of 4412 votes.


  • "Take-a me with you!" [2]After being rescued from Skyhold.
  • "I am good jump!" [3]Just before jumping/falling to his presumed 'death'.
  • "I give dwarf big hug!" After being rescued from Skylord Jasper's house.



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