The Undead appear throughout the Shadow of Israphel series and are believed to have been created due to Israphel and the taint he carries. They are to serve as a flesh eating army of his to bring destruction to the land of Minecraftia

Traits Edit

The undead have certain traits that are listed below :

  • They seem to have a genetic hate for the living and will kill any living person in its path, the only exceptions shown are Israphel, King Finbar and Kormag Darkforge
  • When a person becomes undead, they lose their sanity and memories and become mindless, blubbering killers. Granny Bacon and Rory Rockhammer are examples of this.
  • The undead come in the forms of both zombies and skeletons
  • On their own, the undead are quite easy to kill but in hordes they can become troublesome. Various characters have found it hard to kill particular undead due to their past lives.
  • Spacker LeChuck becomes a loyal and greatly skilled ally to the heroes, despite being undead himself. This may be a sign that the symptoms of being undead can be overcame dramatically.

Examples Edit

Various undead appear across the series, all are listed below :

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