Hi Rollers! (hehe, puns..)

So, a moment, if I may, to talk about High Rollers D&D.

It came to our attention recently that Mark Hulmes' page on this wiki was missing any mention of High Rollers. Tasked with the job of fixing this catastrophic oversight, it started me thinking about High Rollers and what it has managed to become in quite a short space of time.

When the first episode went live I added the page to the wiki and pitched the idea of logging the campaign. I had an idea at that point that the show would be popular enough to continue, but I never thought it would take off in the way it has. Mark, along with Chris, Kim, Matt and Katie (not forgetting Sam and Steve behind the scenes) all give a really strong performance each and every week, earning High Rollers its thousands of views, and easily placing it alongside the top DND streams like Critical Role. It is clear from the donation messages and posts that they have inspired a lot more people to play or DM their own Dungeons and Dragons games too. As well as that they have helped give it something of a more up-to-date feel, taking away that weird association DND always had with being overly nerdy and showing that it goes far beyond just literal dungeons and dragons.

It also brings us one of the things I love most about the Yogscast, improvised story-driven content. In my opinion High Rollers is pretty much the closest thing we have to SOI. Backed up by Mark's amazing NPCs, voice-acting skills, and limitless imagination, we are treated to bucketloads of crazy antics and memorable stories each session.

Finally, I'd like to thank Mark for the shout-outs he has given to this wiki. Also CaffCast, since he actually managed to make use of this wiki's summaries for his recap stream. Credit also to Aranho for his help writing the summaries, and to my fellow Admins who have helped keep the pages in shape.


ZakaSonza (talk) 00:11, April 24, 2016 (UTC)

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