Vampires are a type of race shown in the Shadows of Israphel series. Only one vampire is shown in the series in the form of Skylord Vitali , but judging by this appearance, it is possible that they are aligned with the Cult of Israphel.

Traits Edit

  • Vampires look almost identical to humans, however characteristics including unnaturally pale skin and jet black hair, which were spotted by Honeydew and Xephos
  • Vampires sleep in underground caskets and tend to avoid sunlight (Vitali was never seen in the day). Whether or not sunlight can harm vampires is currently unknown.
  • The only way to kill a vampire is with a Wooden stake to the heart.
  • As soon as he was discovered, Vitali's English accent turned eastern European, whether this was a continuity error or Vitali hiding his true origins is unknown.

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