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Velderbann is a hill dwarven town created for the Lightfall campaign of the Dungeons and Dragons series, High Rollers D&D. It is visited in the series from Sessions 41 to 46.


Velderbann is a hill dwarven town of the Dawn Republic. The nearest settlement is Firstlight, located south of the town. The Grasping Peaks mountain range, where the mines are also located, is an hour walk north from the town.



Session 41Edit

Session 42Edit

Session 43Edit

Session 44Edit

Session 45Edit

Session 46Edit

Demographics & CultureEdit

Hill dwarf is the dominant race of Velderbann. A tribe of kobolds live underneath the mountains near the town.

Geography & ClimateEdit

HighRollers Map of Velderbarn and surroundings

Map of Velderbann and its surroundings. Created by Mark Hulmes using Inkarnate.

Relations & MilitaryEdit

Friendly turned Hostile

Hostile turned Friendly

  • Broken Sky, became friendly after it seized control of the town


Notable LocationsEdit

Abandoned FarmhouseEdit

Abandoned Hunter's CampEdit

Captain's HouseEdit

Kobold LairEdit

Valley Brew LodgeEdit

Velderbann MineEdit

HighRollers Velderbarn Mine

A section of the Velderbann Mine. Drawn by Mark Hulmes.


Hill Dwarves
  • Ethan[spelling?], town's spokesperson, Valley Brew Lodge owner and Ela's husband
  • Ela[spelling?], Valley Brew Lodge bartender and Ethan's husband
  • Rolo[spelling?], grandfather dwarf
  • Two unnamed child dwarves
  • Unnamed grandfather dwarf
  • Unnamed grandmother dwarf



Broken Sky




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