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Real Name Harry Marshall
Usernames/Aliases VeteranHarry, Marshallbro, Marshallbro_h
YouTube Channel YOGSCAST VeteranHarry
Gender Male
Nationality British
Current Member? Yes
Working at YogTowers? No
Occupation Designer at Yogscast Ltd
Harry Marshall , under the username VeteranHarry, is the current designer for the Yogscast. He does all designing of layouts, endslates, thumbnails (Nilesy especially) and website assets, as well as whatever comes his way. He opened up a YouTube channel in 2011 at with 0 videos and over 6,000 subscribers. He runs a Twitter account at with over 22,000 followers, and about 1,000 tweets. Although Harry doesn't work at YogTowers he has visited it for a few days.





  • Veteranharry used to have videos on his YouTube Channel but deleted them, maybe for personal reasons.
  • Harry starred in the survival games with Reckreations and was the first to die out of the duo, being killed by a slime.
  • Harry did the logo for YogsQuest.
  • Harry supports Newcastle United.
  • Harry lives in Brighton.


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