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  Voltz is a Minecraft mod pack distributed through the Technic Launcher that consists various mods that uses the Universal Electricity API by Calclavia as well as various other mods that work well with mods in the pack. The pack consists of various tech mods that uses a standardized electricity system, bringing technology and exciting possibilities into Minecraft.

This page is not about the modpack, but is about the videos produced by members of the Yogscast. The mod pack can be found on the Technic Launcher, which you can find here.

Voltz has seemingly ended. One rumour is that the server is in the process of being transferred onto the Feed The Beast/Yogcraft server; this could either be on a separate server to the main Yogcraft server, or on a separate Yogcraft server. Lewis has given this rumour the legs after saying that the Yogscast team were looking into doing this or something similar to the above plan, but Voltz has now officially ended, according to the Yogscast reddit FAQ.

In Yogiverse Edit

Main Article: The Voltz Cold War

  • Duncan and Lewis find the old abandoned Soviet Bunker.
  • Sips and Sjin establish their inner mountain base.
  • Simon Arrives.
  • Simon begins his cow farm.
  • After the events of Sips and Sjin's Voltz - Episode 5 - Mining with Explosives, a massive event involving Sips and Sjin, Simon, Lewis and Duncan and Ridgedog occurred where they had to eliminate a devastating Red Matter black hole. For more information about this event, see Voltz Special - Episode 12 - The Bomb.
  • The Treaty of Dong Hill was signed by all major parties. The treaty prevents anyone from cheating or using red-matter weapons.
  • Lewis begins construction of an LHC particle accelerator.
  • Mycelium began spreading from an area of contaminated soil, caused by Sips, Sjin and Ridge to prank the others by poisoning their land and having them believe it was because of their nuclear endeavors.
  • Duncan cleansed the tainted earth with his plasma cannon.
  • Lewis completed construction on the particle accelerator and the first 200 milligrams of anti-matter was produced.
  • Duncan destroyed Dong Hill with a thermobaric missile.
  • Ridgedog fires two missiles towards The Bunker and damaged the base.
  • The attack killed Lewis, Simon, and Duncan. They retaliated by directly attacking Ridgedog. Simon killed Ridgedog, by pouring a lava bucket to him. Duncan and Lewis died during the attack, as they got shot by a railgun.
  • Lewis showed his 'emergency supplies chest' to Duncan and Simon when they were already back in base, and they re-armed to destroy Ridge's base.
  • Duncan launches a nuclear missile towards Ridge's base, missing. (Possibly hit Sips and Sjin's base due to a self-destruct going off after impact).
  • Duncan fires a second missile towards Ridge's base, this time hitting it. Lewis, Simon and Duncan inspected Ridge's base and decided that they should head inside and salvage Ridge's supplies.
  • They got in to the base, and after encountering Ridge's turrets, Lewis, Simon and Duncan managed to eliminate Ridge's turrets, and salvaged a lot of missiles and some other things.
  • Simon, Lewis and Duncan found a vault, and blasted their way in. They set off a self-destruct sequence, igniting bombs and they quickly got out of the base. Simon and Lewis escaped safely, but Duncan is caught in the explosion, and the explosion sends him to the sky. Luckily he survived the explosion due to only being hit by the sonic explosives along the edge.

Main CharactersEdit

Lewis Brindley (Xephos)Edit

Brought by Duncan into Voltz, they find and plan to transform an abandoned bunker into their own secret missile bunker, with their sights aimed at their previous SipsCo. rivals Sips and Sjin. Lewis has mainly been building the fusion reactor and particle accelerator, supplying the electricity to power all machinery.

Simon Lane (Honeydew)Edit

Simon (CEO of HoneydewInc) arrived in Voltz a little later, and has been leading operations at his cow farm, caring, breeding and slaughtering the cows as-well as being chief Digger.

Duncan Jones (LividCoffee) Edit

Duncan brought Lewis into the Voltz server. Duncan being the brain box of the Honeydew Inc Voltz team. Together with Lewis, he built(found) a bunker and plans to transform it into a secret missile bunker, aiming to wipe out the opposition being Sips Co. Duncan is also leading the missile program.

Paul Sykes (Sjin)Edit

Sjin and Sips came to the Voltz server to prepare for the cold war. They made a platform to use as a base out of supplies dropped by Sips Co. In episode 12 of Voltz (on the main BlueXephos channel), Sjin and Sips detonated a large-scale red matter explosive. When the bomb was detonated, Sips was killed instantaneously, while Sjin held on for a few moments, before being sucked into the "wormhole" that they had created, this was later named "Barry". They were aided by Ridgedog to begin with, before Lewis and Duncan eventually intervened, while Simon continued his cow farming.

Chris Lovasz (Sips)Edit

Sips, the leader of SipsCo came to the Voltz server with his trusty companion Sjin ready to battle Honeydew Inc. (initially just Duncan and Lewis). They then made a base located within a mountain, this was later upgraded by workers at Sips Co. Supply crates were drafted in by Sips Co to assist Sips and Sjin, this later led to episode 12 of Voltz, where Sips and Sjin detonated a large-scale red matter explosive. Almost instantly after the bomb was detonated, Sips was sucked into the wormhole, while Sjin held on for a few moments, before also being sucked into the "Barry the wormhole" that they had created.

Steven Goates (Ridgedog)Edit

Ridgedog has appeared in Lewis and Duncan's Voltz series in the distance. His base is located on a peninsula in a fenced off forest area across the lake near Sips and Sjin's dropzone. Ridgedog seems to be the Voltz expert on the server, with advanced technology, far surpassing the scientific knowledge of even Duncan. Ridge helped Sips and Sjin when they detonated a red matter explosive under their base, which created a small "black hole" style event, which sucked in all matter from the surrounding areas. Afterward, he made an alliance with Sips and Sjin after he discovered they had an infinite battery. He also fired a missile at The Bunker in Episode 23, after Lewis and Simon went too close to see what he was up to. Ridge was killed by Simon in Episode 24, and his base self-destructs after his base was infiltrated by Lewis, Simon and Duncan in Episode 25.

Episode GuideEdit

Lewis & Duncan (Later Simon) — Episode Guide for Voltz

The full series playlist can be found here.

  1. Voltz - Part 1 - Raining Blocks
  2. Voltz - Part 2 - Steel a Problem
  3. Voltz - Part 3 - Hunger Pains
  4. Voltz - Part 4 - Launching Missiles
  5. Voltz - Part 5 - Radiation Poisoning
  6. Voltz - Part 6 - Compromised integrity
  7. Voltz - Part 7 - Giant Turbine
  8. Voltz - Part 8 - The Raid
  9. Voltz - Part 9 - Hazmat Suits
  10. Voltz - Episode 10 - The Claw
  11. Voltz - Episode 11 - Robocop
  12. Voltz Special - Episode 12 - The Bomb
  13. Voltz - Episode 13 - The Treaty
  14. Voltz - Episode 14 - Camouflage
  15. Voltz - Episode 15 - The Cheaty
  16. Voltz - Episode 16 - Ghast Hunting
  17. Voltz - Episode 17 - Plasma Gun
  18. Voltz 18 - Thermobarack
  19. Voltz 19 - Quarantine
  20. Voltz 20 - Missile Ghost
  21. Voltz 21 - Antimatter and Antigravity
  22. Voltz 22 - The Road To War
  23. Voltz 23 - Prepare For Battle
  24. Voltz 24 - Bunker Busters
  25. Voltz 25 - Retribution
Sips and Sjin (Later Ridgedog) — Episode Guide for Voltz
  1. Voltz - Episode 1 - Brave New World
  2. Voltz - Episode 2 - The Machine God
  3. Voltz - Episode 3 - Sipsco Dropzone
  4. Voltz - Episode 4 - Smooth Jazz
  5. Voltz - Episode 5 - Mining with Explosives
  6. Voltz - Episode 6 - Aftermath
  7. Voltz - Episode 7 - Camp Hercules
  8. Voltz - Episode 8 - Paxel Signs
  9. Voltz - Episode 9 - Invisible Spies
  10. Voltz - Episode 10 - Digging Deep
  11. Voltz - Episode 11 - Radioactive Grass
  12. Voltz - Episode 12 - Upgrades
  13. Voltz - Episode 13 - Creeper Trap
  14. Voltz - Episode 14 - Chainsaw Wagon

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