Vyrianne (or possibly Vyrian) was a member of Ye Olde Goone Squad, the guild in which Simon, Lewis, Hannah, Yohimitsu and Sips used to be a part of and member of the Yogscast.

She appeared in numerous episodes of The YoGPoD, in which she had her own film review section called Vyrian's Film Review, complete with its own jingle from Simon. She also starred in some of Simon and Lewis' earlier World of Warcraft "How to" guides.


  • Simon created a jingle for her film review section of The YoGPoD, which went as so, "Love is like a butterfly, this is Vyrian's film review!" This jingle was rather unfitting as she often reviewed violent and gory films, like "Alien vs. Predator".
  • Lewis briefly mentioned in a YoGPoD that things between him and Vyrianne were "awkward" as an explanation for why she has stopped making appearances in the Yogscast.
  • Vyrian was mentioned in Episode 4 of Whale Lords. There, Lewis describes Vyrianne as "more of a pro-gamer than any other gamer I've met".[1]


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