Walrus Vision Week is a song by Hat Films after Ross lost his footage over more than a week of Skylands. The song was edited by Chris Trott and voiced by all members of Hat Films. It is one of the shortest songs published by the trio.

The song was used as the intro to five Skylands episodes:


Ross lost his skylands footage, so for a week all of Hatventures episodes were from Trottimus's perspective. Of course an over-the-top intro tune had to be made.


My footage of Skylands was lost
We knew it would be at a great cost, but...
We were like f**k it, let's convert it to profit
Repackage this mess, with a P.R shaped dress
Pass it off as surprise, through the beadiest eyes,
Walrus Vision Week!


The music is available for purchase or listening on:

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