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Welcome To YogLabs is a song, sung by LewisSimon and Hannah. It was released on the 14th November 2015. The video was animated by Ceeraanooo. The song is available on Bandcamp, Spotify and iTunes and will be available on Amazon soon.

Video Edit

♪ Welcome To YogLabs - Original Song and Animation03:56

♪ Welcome To YogLabs - Original Song and Animation


Welcome to YogLabs 
The home of innovation 
Where the only limit 
Is your limited imagination 

But sometimes things can maybe get a bit out of hand 
So we've got a plan that you need to understand 

Page 4 - don't ever disturb the testificates while they're working 
Oh, I might have already done that 'cos Mandrew got out and I was chasing him 
Page 7 - don't ever go in that room that has the black door on level three 
What's in there? Don't worry about it, it's fine. 

Come with me to YogLabs babe-ay 
We make coffee that'll blow your cares away 
Take one sip and you can't help but obey 
Just ignore that death ray 

Here in YogLabs 
We pioneer technology 
From robot girlfriends 
To goldfish bigonometry 

So if you're feeling sick or are experiencing anti-gravity 
It could be either radiation or a ripped space time reality 

Page 13 - if the microchip in your neck starts to itch, don't scratch it 
Microchip? What the hell Lewis... ow! 
And on page 18 - in the event of incoming missiles, please head to the bunker 
Pardon? What? Missiles? 
Don't worry about it! 

Come with me to YogLabs baby 
We really care about your personal safety 
Don't you worry bout the time travel paradox 
Ignore that triceratops, His name is Steve 

Well sacrifices must be made, to achieve world domination 
It'll all be over soon, don't worry about that abomination 

Come with me to Yoglabs baby 
Only 1 fatal incident lately 
Initiate re-building protocol 
Sit back enjoy the show

Trivia Edit

  • The song was produced and composed by Mattokamus .

Gallery Edit


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