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Real Name William
Usernames/Aliases Linkthe1st, Visage.Guides, TheXiver, W_Strife
YouTube Channel YOGSCAST Will, TheXiver
Gender Male
Nationality American
Current Member? Yes
Member Since 2013
Working at YogTowers? No
Occupation YouTube Content Producer at Yogscast Ltd
Partner Alex Parvis (Parv)
Catchphrase "Dear lord!"
"Dear lord!"

William Strife, also known as Will, is a video producer for the Yogscast. He manages the YouTube Channel Linkthe1st, where he does Let's Plays and informative videos. On 14th December 2013, coinciding with his new series The Minecraft Guide, Ridgedog announced via his Tumblr page that Will had joined the Yogscast. He has now been added to the Yogscast Family on the main channel's 'About' section.

Will creates gaming videos with a very high-quality editing style, as well as running a blog called b10g. He also does a series called "A Slice with Strife", where he does a single video on a game.


Will made one single video guide years ago, then the community demanded more. Shortly after YouTube swallowed him whole.


  • Fallout: New Vegas
  • Minecraft:Challenge


  • Banished
  • Strife Solutions (Hiatus)
  • Game Dev Tycoon
  • The Minecraft Guide
  • Age of Empires II HD
  • Skyrim - Dragonborn
  • Rogue Time
  • Ittle Dew
  • Minecraft Fallout
  • Tales From Skyrim
  • Fallout 3
  • Trine 2
  • Don't Starve
  • ZombiU
  • Borderlands 2 w/ Orc
  • Reviews
  • Elements of Play
  • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
  • Heads Up Podcast
  • Bill Bower Reviews
  • Christmas with Turps and Will


  • "Until then though, I'm William Strife of the Yogscast and a Minecraft expert. I'll see ya later."
  • "Hhhwwwoooooooooo!"
  • "War... War never changes,"
  • "My word!"
  • "Dear lord!"
  • "Foolish Duncan forgot to log out. N00B!"
  • "Will does things BIG, cause everything about him is REALLY BIG!"
  • "Revelation Get, Meaning of Life! Materialism!"
  • "What happens in college stays in college."
  • "You burnt me alive, you son of a bitch!"
  • "The only thing to Fear, is Fear itself... and the Slenderman."
  • "PARVIS!"
  • "Presto"


  • On August 9th 2013, Will created a video called William Strife for the Yogscast, which was a video resume of sorts giving his skills and reasons for why he should officially be partnered with the Yogscast. This appears to have worked.
  • On December 14th 2013, Ridgedog posted a post on his Tumblr telling people to "send some love" to Will and congratulate him on joining the Yogscast. This was the first official announcement of Will joining the Yogscast.
  • His very first collab with other Yogscast members was during the TF2 charity mixup. In this mixup he was placed on Team CaptainSparklez, in which he was teamed up with CaptainSparklez, fellow Yogscast member Zylus, Jerma and Lplasma from Bethesda.
  • His first game console was an NES.
  • His favourite pizza topping is black olives and pepperoni.
  • He dislikes mushrooms.
  • His favouite music artists are Linkin Park and Andy Hunter.
  • He is 27 years old.
  • On January 16th 2014, Will hit 100000 subscribers.
  • His birthday is May 24, 1987.
  • He lives in Oklahoma.
  • He has two older sisters. One is 7 years older than him, and the other is 4 years older than him.
  • He is 6' 2".
  • Simon calls him Will Smith.
  • Will had a polydactyl cat named Digit for nine years. She passed away in August 2014.
  • Will's day job is a package delivery company


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