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Zombie Pigmen


Wizard Burgmund appears in a few custom maps Simon and Lewis play in Season 3. He was a very lonely person, opening gates to the Nether, just to find friends, which is how he discovered his beloved Zombie Pigmen. He was very cold to others, killing priests and miners. He seemed obsessed with the Nether, his pigmen friends, and odd, demented experiments, leading some to question his sanity. He was pursued by our heroes, who shut down his gates one by one, just barely staying ahead of them, and he eventually went through a Hellgate to be with his pigmen friends forever.

Burgmund... As a pod?

He then somehow returned to this world, entering a town in arctic and taking over an obsidian mine, possibly to gain materials to build more gates. He eventually kidnapped or killed the inhabitants of the town, with his army of pigmen, as well as the miners. the ones who pursued him before have crashed near the town, after discovering the Tree of Life, and have visited the town and discovered the diary of the mine foreman, who wrote about the others being kidnapped, as he hid under a bed, but he was discovered and killed. They now know Burgmund is still alive and is causing havoc, and are pursuing him. He has constructed a new castle, with an entrance designed of purple and black wool, extending his obsession with the nether, and has made modern art of netherrack. He has made a "pigman potion" feeding it to townsfolk by cracking their lower jaws and force feeding it to them, calling them his "baby birds". He seems to have become even crueler and more insane in his time in the Nether. 

His potion experiments have only created a potion that turns those he feeds it to into zombies, rather than pigmen, which has the added bonus of kill those who escape, as they burn when the sun rises. His time in the Nether has also left him feeling that our world is "too bright", so he retreated into the Nether to continue his experiments. The two heroes discovered this, pursuing him into the Nether, following the path while being attacked by ghasts, with one goal: slay Burgmund once and for all. They followed the path and arrived at Burgmunds fortress, dealing with an incomplete bridge by discovering a way around. They enter the fortress, meeting several pigmen, who ignore the two, until Honeydew attacks some of them, then the pigmen swarm towards him. The two fight them off, going deeper into the fort, but now they have angered every pigman in the area. They find the way locked, and they fight off more pigmen, discovering the key. After making their way to Burgmund's rectory, they discover books on soul spells, books on traveling between worlds, as well as some of Burgmund's notes. They also get the feeling that some is reading their thoughts. It seems Burgmund discovered how to channel the power of the Nether while on Minecraftia, but he needs to sacrifice someone in from of a gate to do so. He plans to invade the world with army of pigmen, inside giant pods, and believes that the power he will gain will make him unstoppable. He also was reading their thoughts, and uses them to start his invasion in their homeland: Graem. The two chase him through the gate, to their drought-ridden home.

It is revealed in Part 5 of The Return, that Burgmund is, or is part of in fact the Final Pod Xephos and Honeydew destroy. It is described as being his 'esscence', and the heroes see parts of his thoughts in them. Among those is the Gold Diamond Gold puzzle from 'The Tree Of Life'. Burgmund may have mutated into the pod while trapped in the Nether, or may have altered himself. We still do not know what he looked like in human form.

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