"It's a lot smaller than I thought it would be"

Wolfenstein is Lewis' wolf companion in Minecraft.


  • When Wolfenstein is first seen in the snow biome, Lewis gives Simon three bones to tame Wolfenstein. He uses the fourth to tame him for himself, this leads to the two not knowing who is the wolf's master and seeing who he will walk towards but this does not work as Wolfenstein is sitting down.
  • After this, the two take Wolfenstein to the lake to see if he will kill any squid. Wolfenstein then begins attacking the squid and eventually kills it. Simon decides to name Wolfenstein and then they feed him cooked pork to refill his health.
  • Later on, after Lewis tries to trick Simon into eating a brick by telling him that it is chocalate bar, Simon begins attacking Lewis. However, Wolfenstein shows loyalty to his master by defending him and killing Simon. Later on, Wolfenstein gets to show off his superb fighting skills again when he defends Simon and Lewis from zombies and skeletons in the cave.
  • Whilst Lewis is being defended from the zombies and skeletons by Wolfenstein he begins to worry about his health and starts feeding him more cooked pork.
  • Wolfenstein is introduced again in the Minecraft custom map, 'Scarlet Monastery Graveyard'. This time his appearance has changed to a much darker colour.


  • Wolfenstein was tamed using four bones.
  • He was likely named after Wolfenstein, Simon's Worgen character and Hound pet in World of Warcraft.
  • Lewis is his owner when they first meet but later in the WoW custom map Simon is his owner.


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