Worms Reloaded was released on Windows for Steam on August 26, 2010, and later on Mac OSX on Steam in 2011. It returns to a 2D gameplay from previous versions, including both single and multiplayer modes for up to four people.

In YogiverseEdit

The first time Worms game was shown by the Yogscast was when Lewis, Simon, Duncan and Sips played Worms Reloaded during the 2011 Christmas Livestream. They later posted some footage to the main channel.

Episode GuideEdit

Christmas Livestream 2011 — Worms Reloaded
Video Name Table yt
Yogscast - Worms Reloaded Part 1 - Christmas Livestream Footage Watch
Yogscast - Worms Reloaded Part 2 - Christmas Livestream Footage Watch

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