Worms WMD is an upcoming title in the Worms series. It features a new Worm design, hand-drawn landscapes, tanks and the ability to enter buildings. The game is scheduled for release in 2016 for the Xbox One. The purpose of the game is to "channel the spirit of Worms Armageddon".

In YogiverseEdit

Hat Films exclusively played an early preview of Worms WMD at Eurogamer Expo 2015 for an hour, and later continued to play the beta with Sips, being given an early copy from Team17. Hat Films' voices are available as a pack in the game.

Episode GuideEdit

Hat Films — Worms WMD
Video Name Table yt
Worms WMD First Look! [EGX LIVE!] Watch
WE'RE IN A GAME! (Worms WMD Beta w/ Sips) Watch

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