The Yellow Spacewoman is the character played by Hannah in Sips and Sjin's Spacemen series.


The Yellow Spacewoman is a human who has known Blue for 10 years and is in love with him even though he's oblivious to it. She was first seen talking to Blue about telling Orange that he's human. She manages to convince him to do it in the morning. Blue thanks her by calling her Yellow Guy, which upsets her because he's known her 10 Years and doesn't know her names Caroline. He ignores her and shuts the door. After he shuts it she whispers she loves him, which he doesn't hear.

She was thought to perish in the space station explosion that Orange causes, but appears alive rescuing Blue and Orange from a Prison Mining Camp. The duo then thank her and steal her ship leaving her stranded. She says she loves Blue after they leave.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • In the episode she first appeared in the description it said she was Blue's wife. It is unknown if this is true as it hasn't been said yet.
  • She is deeply in love with Blue even though he doesn't return her feelings.

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