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A yognau(gh)t digging a hole.

The YoGPoD Challenge 2 - Digging a Hole! was issued in the YoGPoD episode 29: SCRAMMMBLED (14/04/2010),[1] when Lewis Brindley told a touching tale of his childhood, where he would pretend he was digging for treasure. Lewis then told the Yognau(gh)ts to go forth into their gardens, fields, or anywhere that digging could commence and dig a hole and search for any treasure that might have been buried. Admonitions were also given to the Yognau(gh)ts to get permission before attempting such a feat as the Yogscast did not want any young listeners being beaten by their parents.

Recorded attempts at the challengeEdit

There are currently three recordings of the challenge being attempted on YouTube:

Yogpod Challenge #2 - digging a hole!

Yogpod Challenge 2 - Digging a hole!

Yogpod Challenge #2 - "Digging" a hole!


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