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The 'real' YogTowers
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The YogTowers are the main offices of the Yogscast, and are located in the city of Bristol in South West England. The Yogscast PO Box address is: The Yogscast, PO Box 3125 Bristol BS2 2DG, as listed in the information of every new video on the BlueXephos channel, and on The YoGPoD Facebook page.

Only a few videos of the offices have been released, like the Youtube Gold ButtonA vlog by KaeyiDream, and Yogventures Thank You Video. There is also a video on the BBC News website, giving a brief tour of YogTowers and showing Lewis BrindleySimon Lane, Paul Sykes and others.

, but declined, as he wanted to stay with his family in Jersey. Chris still visits the YogTowers [citation needed] to plan new videos as well as help maintain the video stream of the "main" Yogscast by assisting his fellow Dwarf, Silk Shirt and Goggle-Boy.

Speculation About Location

As of yet, there have been no public openings of the YogTower offices, and the exact location of the building has not been revealed. There is a possibility that the Yogtower offices also has other offices located in the same building.

From this, it can be concluded that the address and exact location of YogTowers is not known, and will probably not be revealed by the Yogscast any time in the near future. The internet is full of misinformation about the offices, and no Yognau(gh)t should go looking at the previously mentioned locations with an expectation to find the real YogTowers.

Yogscast Staff Currently Working at YogTowers


  • None of the members of the Yogscast actually live in YogTowers, as they are just a block of offices.
  • The YogTowers are apparently very cold, as Hannah mentions numerous times in Hannah's Advent Calendar videos.
  • Until 2012, the Yogtowers didn't exist. However, Simon and Lewis referred to them in their podcasts and videos, pretending that they worked in a huge tower where they made their videos. Until 2011, none of the Yogscast lived or worked together, but in 2011 Simon, Lewis and Hannah got a house in Reading together which they shared. Before this, Lewis and Hannah may or may not have lived together, but Simon didn't live with any members of the Yogscast (he did live with his housemate and possible husband/pimp James though.)


  • In Voltz 14 - Camoflague, Lewis and Duncan said that there was a giant lava pool under Yogtowers that they frequently jumped in.
  • Quote from Simon's Twitter - Insider secret no one is supposed to know: there is no YogTower. Instead there are twin towers, SimTower and LewTower joined by a bridge. Every morning Lewis and I meet on the bridge and simultaneously turn our special keys in what is simply referred to as The Device. If more than 72 hours pass without us turning our keys in The Device, an event know as The Doomening is prophesied to occur. After we turn our keys we bow to each other, turn towards our respective towers and walk away. We do not see each other again that day.
  • One true fact is stated by both Simon and Lewis in the episode where Pimp My Minecraft went to work on the YogCave, that there was a Lady in a Golden bikini situated outside of YogTowers. This is speculated to have been told to PMM, who then created the reference to the real life YogTowers.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 The PMM episode can be found here: [1]

  • In Strippin Says! Robbers and my Balls, Strippin reveals that a few days prior to the making of that video, the office building where YogTowers is situated in was robbed. He was working inside at the time, and believed the intruders to be ghosts.



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