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Logo of the Yogiverse, previously called The Yogiverse, was originally created on the 30th of August, 2010. It was created by Pat "Peva" Woodward. He created the website by himself because he was "upset that the Yogscast didn't have a community site". The site wasn't made the official Yogscast Community site until around February 2nd. Peva soon after became the Yogscast Community Manager. The Website has since expanded to include Forums, Merchandise Shop, Livestream capabilities, and a ill fated YogChan, all of which was created by Peva with the help of other admins (namely Dyneslott, Tinman and MintyMinute) as well as members of the community.

In November 2012, the website was starting to crumble, displaying errors caused by PHP and an expired security certificate. The launch of the new Beta website fixed these issues.

Currently, the Yogscast use the Maker Studios format for websites. It is currently still in beta.


As of February 20th, 2011 the Yogiverse forums moved from the main website to separate website dedicated completely towards the forum. The new forums have new features and a generally better appearance. as well as majorly improved performance.

The current website is the third version they have published on the internet. Before they used vBulletin to host the website but now they use Drupal - Opensource CMS, however they still use vBulletin for the forum pages.

As of 5/02/15 it was announced that the forums would be closing down due to technical reasons. It was also said that they would look for an alternative, and that for now people should use the subreddit. However, an unofficial Yogscast Forums was set up by the YogMods

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