Diggy Diggy Book Sample 1

Book cover.

Yogscast: The Diggy Diggy Book is a book published by Scholastic and written by the Yogscast. It became available for purchase on October 1, 2015.

The book can be purchased on Amazon and in most book stores.

Sales DescriptionEdit

"Minecrafty: Meet Yogscast, the UK's Kings of YouTube."—BBC

Drop your axe. Lower your sword. And open the ultimate must-have book for gamers of all ages!

The full colour, classy hardback Diggy Diggy Book includes the best (and worst) jokes from the massively successful YouTube creators. Meet the Yogscast, see exclusive look inside YogTowers, become a JaffaQuest cadet, read the tourists guide to Datlof and more, so much more that we don't want to give away. (Yet!)

If you've ever watched a Minecraft YouTube video, chances are you know who The Yogscast are. This is THE book for you.



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